A Story Devoted to You!

Desire. Decide. Devote. Devour... The mantra behind it all, but it didn't all start out like this.

My name is Alex Dimos, once a very insecure overzealous teen to now the founder of Devoted Health & Wellness. I went from crying at school - anxious from wearing the wrong school uniform - to now coaching thousands of women from self-loathing to self-love.

Let's say, school was tough for me; now if you are an old schoolmate or former teacher of mine, I'm sure you're in disbelief. The character I portrayed, was primarily a put on to overcome deep insecurities.

I hated who I was. I loathed who I was. I was not happy with who I was.

I remember one day, in particular, it was months after I had been asked to leave school (yeah, that's right I got expelled, now back to the story). I was home alone. I was in a dark place; I hated myself and my life.

Tears were streaming down my face as I recall negative thoughts and emotions completely seizing my body. I felt numb. When suddenly the idea of never seeing my family again, weakened me to my knees. I questioned everything, is this the way my life was meant to go?

I then hear a thud. I wipe away the tears from my eyes; someone must be home? I walked out of my room as I see my beautiful mum stroll in with groceries on either side of her body. She looks at me with a smile that instantly turns into a look of distress, what's wrong she says with panic painted all over her face. I begin to breakdown again as I explain what I was doing prior to her arrival.

What followed after this, was indeed what saved my life.

At that moment, my mum had a strong desire stirred within her. A passion so intense that sparked a decision to devote her life to ensuring that her baby boy or should I say "baby girl" as my mum likes to call me, would be happy and healthy.

The weeks that followed saw mum, and I share a lot of time together, now I'm not embarrassed to admit this, but it was many nights and even weeks that turned into months, where I had to sleep by her side. I relied on her for absolutely everything, she was (and is) my rock!

She would lay there for hours with me, just chatting and listening to me. I remember almost every week she would come home with a new book for me to read, always something from the self-help realm.

This is where my desire to help women began and quickly turned from a hope to a reality.

Fast forward a few years later, I've just finished completing my certifications to become a fully qualified personal trainer. I decide to enter the commercial gym space, running my own personal training business as a subcontractor to a big box gym. This is where I devoted myself day and night, working meticulously on perfecting my craft as a coach from 4:00 am wake ups to coaching clients all day and night till 10:45 pm.

What merely started out as just instructing clients on exercise technique quickly evolved into therapy sessions. This is where I promptly realised that personal training had more to do with building relationships and helping clients' breakthrough self-imposed limitations than it was about losing weight.

Losing weight or achieving the body of your dreams was just a metaphor for these ladies; indeed they wanted to go from self-loath to self-love.

Fast forward a few more years, where I am now, the founder of Devoted Health & Wellness. Running transformation programs designed to evolve women from where they are to where they want to go. Transforming them emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually through my four pillars of health and wellness; mindset, lifestyle, nutrition and movement. 

As my mum "saved" my life, I too desire to save over 1,000,000 women's lives.

I am devoted to helping these women become the best version of themselves, and I will devour anything and everything on the pursuit of turning this dream into reality.

I love to do this; I live to change lives. If you're prepared to step up and change your life, then let me help you.

Join my team and me at Devoted Health & Wellness.

Alex Dimos

Holistic Lifestyle Coach